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A sweetstand filled with sweets


When it comes to the wedding day, the cake really takes the cake! But it’s not the only confection to consider.


There are many ways to use sweets throughout the day to make sure an injection of sugar is always on hand to sweeten the mood.

Go subtle by scattering personalised heart chocolates scattered on the tables with meaningful messages or make a statement with a chocolate fountain, donut wall, or sweet ferris wheel! Why stop there? Have our Krispy Kreme stand or your own pick-and-mix table adorned with kitsch sweetshop jars.


However you approach it, wedding confectionery can be used to really give the day a boost! A lovely idea we can help you with is providing goody bags for the kids, and sweet favours for the adults, so everyone leaves with a sweet reminder of your marriage.

Keep your sweet toothed guests happy with our range of sweet confectionary displays, including our floral doughnut wall and our impressive Krispy Kreme tower.

A tall donut stand and a love heart stand filled with ferrero rochet

Our floral doughnut wall holds 36 ring doughnuts, which are supplied and set up by us for just £90


The branded Krispy Kreme iconic 8 tier doughnut tower boasts a whopping 216 assorted doughnuts for £400. Perhaps that’s too many doughnuts? Why not go for our smaller 4 tier tower, which holds 86 assorted doughnuts for £200.

a krispy kreme donut tower
a krispy kreme donut tower
a krispy kreme donut tower

Our LED light up large ferris wheel and shabby chic vintage smaller ferris wheel are perfect additions to your pick and mix station. Or perhaps you want a statement larger sweet station by hiring our white large sweet cart, which comes set up with old school sweet shop jars.

When hiring the LED sweet ferris wheel you get to choose 6 boxes of sweets which are left so that you can keep refilling any empty buckets throughout your event for just £150.

The shabby chic ferris wheel with 6 buckets also comes with 6 boxes of sweets, the hire cost for this is £125.

Our white wooden sweet cart looks impressive set up at any event. It comes with 7 sweet jars (either plastic or glass), scoops, tongs, and sweet bags. Choose from 3 types of jars, hessian style, large fish bowl style with lids or clip top jars for £195.

A sweet carousel filled with sweets
A metal carousel with metal goblets filled with sweets
A close up of a carousel filled with sweets

We supply the sweets, scoops, tongs and bags for all sweet hire items. Pick from the following list of sweets:

Bubblegum bottles

Haribo gold bears

Haribo jelly babies

Terrific Turtles

Strawberry pencils


Giant strawberries

Pink and white chocolate mice

White chocolate mice

Cola bottles

Fizzy cola bottles

White chocolate jazzies

Milk chocolate disco disks

White chocolate disco disks

White chocolate stars

Milk chocolate stars

White chocolate fish and chips

Pink hearts

Strawberry milkshake bottles

Peach hearts

Flying saucers

Rhubarb and custard

Haribo yellow belly snakes

Haribo hearts

Haribo fried eggs

Haribo friendship rings

Haribo cherries

Teeth and toothbrushes

a ferris wheel filled with sweets
a ferris wheel filled with sweets
A wooden cart in white decorated with sweets
A wedding sweet stand

Let’s not forget about the chocoholics, we have two ferreo rocher stands, both in the shape of hearts.

We have a smaller MR & MRS stand including  24 chocolates for £60

Our larger heart stand holds 43 chocolates for £80

A delicious and cute add on to your sweet table!

A white stand of ferrero rochet
A white stand of ferrero rochet with a donut tower
A dancefloor at a wedding


Floral arches, trees & sprays


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